Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

Grown/Changed- I’ve learned that I judge people to quickly even if I don’t know them. I’m more observant and I’m more confident in myself and in my work.

Proud- I’m really proud of my book cover for the Red Badge of Courage, I think that was definitely one of my best projects. I thought that I had some great ideas for that project.

Challenging-I think the most challenging was the Thematic Causes of the Civil War. That was hard because we had a minimum of time that we had to have and it was a lot of time so it was hard to have that much time for one project.

Favorite- My favorite was the Stephen/Lincoln debates were so fun, because I was an evaluator and got to chill out with Miss Bailin.

Hopes for second semester- My hopes for the second semester is to get all my work done on time and to be as independent as possible. I want to keep producing quality work. Also I really want to have a court case or another debate for a large portion of our grade.