Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

Grown/Changed- I’ve learned that I judge people to quickly even if I don’t know them. I’m more observant and I’m more confident in myself and in my work.

Proud- I’m really proud of my book cover for the Red Badge of Courage, I think that was definitely one of my best projects. I thought that I had some great ideas for that project.

Challenging-I think the most challenging was the Thematic Causes of the Civil War. That was hard because we had a minimum of time that we had to have and it was a lot of time so it was hard to have that much time for one project.

Favorite- My favorite was the Stephen/Lincoln debates were so fun, because I was an evaluator and got to chill out with Miss Bailin.

Hopes for second semester- My hopes for the second semester is to get all my work done on time and to be as independent as possible. I want to keep producing quality work. Also I really want to have a court case or another debate for a large portion of our grade.


  1. Luke,
    My thoughts are exactly the same on the hopes for second quarter! Debating is fun, and I bet GRADING people debate is pretty awesome too :)! I need to work on getting all my work done, though. Huzzah for court cases! Bring it on!

  2. Luke,
    I agree that the Thematic Causes was one of the most challenging projects in DLC. Also I had a lot of fun doing the debate, too, even though I wasn’t an evaluator. For second semester you said that you wanted to get all your work done on time, which I do agree with, but I will add that not only do I want to finish all my work on time, I want to do it with out stressing out. Finally I too would LOVE to have another debate!

  3. Luke Rudolf,
    I really do agree on having more debates! This is a great idea, especially for you because you get so fired up. I think that this year you have learned to control yourself more when it comes to other people having different thoughts than you. Would this debate or court case be formal (like the Lincoln-Douglas) or opinionated (like the Electronic v. Hardcopy)?

    The Thematic Causes of the Civil War DNP was difficult for me, too. I was just wondering one thing, though. Did you make this project hard on yourself, by stressing out? I know I did. It is okay if you did. I know you are working on being "more confident in yourself and in your work." I am absolutely POSITIVE that, by the end of third quarter, or even NOW, you will grow (mentally) into someone who is extremely independent in all your work, and getting things passed in on time. Before you know it, just about EVERY SINGLE ONE of your projects are going to turn out as awesome as your "Red Badge of Courage" book cover.


  4. @Kiana
    i think that it would be more of the Lincoln Douglas debates but less rules. For the Thematic Causes it was hard because I did make it hard on myself but it was a pretty challenging project.I also think that no matter what you say you can make someone feel good and because of your post you just made me feel good so thanks!

    Yes grading people was the best part except for hanging with Miss Bailin that's the best. I also think that you would be very good at a court case.

    I am sure that debating itself was a blast I also wanted to debate but being a evaluator was awesome. Also I think people (not picking you out just people in general) stress out to much and need to relax.

  5. @Luke

    I think that it's great that you don't judge people as quickly as you did before. I know that I have become more observant and curious in the past semester too. Is there anything in particular that you like to observe?

    I feel like your confidence level is on it's way. I think that looks can be deceiving, if you will, in your case. You are this gentle giant, who is honest and caring, yet can stick up for someone else better than himself. If this isn't making sense to you, my point is that I think your confidence will only flourish in the rest of seventh-grade. It has certainly changed from 1st semester, and I'm sure there's much more to come. :) Also, think about how you think you aren't good at t&t, yet me and Blair have told you THOUSANDS of times, that you are great! This relates to my point because if I were to say I was bad at t&t, you would equally argue that I'm great! (Even though we are at the same level.) :)

    I agree that your TRBOC book cover was something to be proud of because it had taken on a whole new meaning than most of the other book covers I saw. I think it showed a versatility in your creativity as well. What was your inspiration for the design and the features of it (the flags, the graves, etc.)?

    I agree that it was a challenge to make the Causes project a minimum of 5 minutes long, but I felt that once I got involved in it, the ideas flowed naturally and the time wasn't a problem for me. :)

    One of my favorite moments too was being an evaluator. I loved the feeling of power, and honestly, it wasn't a bad feeling to be ranked high in the DLC. :)

    I think that punctuality with work is a great goal for 2nd semester. I also think that becoming more independent is a valuable skill, especially later on in life when others will not always be there to support you. I know for a fact that if you always try your hardest on every assignment, you will always produce quality work. :)

    And a top secret FYI: We do trials 2nd semester, which you should enjoy very much, considering you mentioned a "court case!"


  6. @Luke
    I agree with you when you said that the Thematic Causes Video was a very challenging project. The time limit bothered me at first, and I wish I could have added more details to mine. How would you have changed yours if it was longer? I also loved my Red Badge of Courage cover. What was your favorite part of yours? Also, the court case sounds like it would be really exciting. What would you like it to be about? And which side would you be on?

  7. @Diana
    The time limit was hard for that project. I would have definitely added more info and tried to make 'bettter'. I feel like I could have definitely produced a product that was a lot better then I did. I also needed more details. My favorite part of my book cover was this little ciil war soldier that seemed to have wing of light like the angles it talked about. I think that maybe like the John Wilkes Booth case for the assassination of President Lincoln. I think I would NOT be the defendant I would be the accuser.

  8. @Elizabeth
    I like to observe people and how they do certain things for certain reasons. My inspiration was mainly just thinking about. I picked a graveyard because of all the death and despair it talked about. I did the flags to kind of show that just because of differences so many lives lost. I also loved being an evaluator that was the best. That will be awesome to do a court case or a trial. I also think that with all the encouragement from you and other people I think that my confidence level will rise so thanks!